Saturday, October 22, 2011

End Chapter 1; Onward into Chapter 2

Well I have finished the first chapter and not much has happened for me since I began.  Although I do plan on in one year returning to these old blogs and reading through them and remembering the steps I took.  I wish I could blog more frequently but unfortunately I work nearly all the time so I do it when I have time.  Tonight I am kind of pushing it since it’s after Midnight.

I have learned a lot from the first chapter.  I enjoyed reading about the Principles of Wiccan Belief.  Although it is sad to hear that the Council of American Witches disband the year it formed.   Things might be different now?

Looking at the first page of chapter two I read the title Getting Acquainted.  Thumbing through it from what I can tell I am going to learn about the different “Kinds” of Wicca and Witches.  I think we are all pagans personally.

Sorry for the short blog but its late and I wanna play with my new Paintshop Photo Pro X3! Heh Like the new banner?

Like Ever Burning Fires,
                        Phoenix Passionfire

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  1. Your banner is lovely and I'm in love with your avatar. :) MM!