Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Stones & Crystals - Fluorite

First off… IM SORRY! It shouldn’t have taken me this long but life has been crazy and I haven’t been feeling good thanks to the weather change and being pregnant.  Now.  Onward.

As I have said before in a previous blog, I carry a small collection of different stones and crystals with me.  I carry them because of the different things they can do for me.  Well the first one I am going to discuss is my Fluorite Point that I wear around my neck.  It is a really pretty stone; dark green with a touch of purple that you can see if you hold it up to the light.

Fluorite, also known as Fluorspar, is a Halide Mineral (composed of calcium fluoride, CaF2), which is a mineral class for minerals dominant with halide anion.  It can be a varity of colors, from Colorless to Green, to a bluish black.    When Fluorite forms it forms as well-formed course sized crystals; also nodular, botryoidal.  Rarely forming in Columnar or fibrous, granular or massive.

The word fluorite is derived from the Latin root fluo, meaning “to flow”.  This is because the mineral would be used in Iron Smelting to decrease the viscosity of slags at a given temperature.  This is a result of the Ionic nature of the mineral.

Fluorite was used by the Ancient Egyptians to carve statues and scarabs.  The Chinese used it in carvings for over 300 years!  During the 18th century Fluorite was turned into a powder and mixed with water to relieve the symptoms of kidney disease.

Fluorite can be found in: Canada, USA, South Africa, Thailand, Peru, Mexico, China, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Norway, England, & Germany.

Now enough of the Science let’s get to the good stuff!

It is said that Fluorite absorbs and neutralizes negative vibrations; and makes one more receptive to the vibrations of other stones.  It should be kept in every room of a home.  Being known to increase concentration and aiding in decision-making made fluorite also known as the “Genius Stone”.

As for healing properties; fluorite can be used with other stones.  It helps to open the way for the power of other stones to be effective.  It may be used in meditation to help raise the power of concentration & energize the body.  Yellow Fluorite is said to enchance the intellect and magnify mental powers.

Healers use it to help with the respiratory tract and with ulcers by stimulating cell regeneration in these areas.  It can strengthen bones, improves arthritic or other join ailments.  Fluorite can be laid directly on the body.

Since I believe in the energies of the world, and not necessarily magick;  I have a few others notes on what Fluorite can do.  It can bring: Order out of Chaos, Loyalty, Discernment, Find Better Friends.  This is also a good stone for emotional healing.

Which for most things that fluorite can do is why I wear my Fluorite Point.  I believe in what it’s doing for me and I have seen change in my world.  Change your energy, change your thoughts, change your world.  Stones are something I have always believed to hold special energies and abilities that aid and harmonize with our own energies to strengthen and improve our lives.

Well, that it for now.  Again, sorry so late.

Like Ever Burning Fires,
                        Phoenix Passionfire

Information Collected From: Wikipedia - Fluorite & Emily Gems - Fluorite & Notes My Uncle has given me.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Dangit! I just am about ready to post the first blog i meant to post last night before midnight and before i can get the blog saved to my computer on Microsoft Office...  My comp decides to crash and restart itself! I am gonna go cry in a corner now why i figure out how i am going to do that all over again *sigh* Sorry for the Delay and no matter how long it takes me to get the first one up.. I am doing a full 30 days of this! *nodnod*

Like Ever Burning Fires,
                  Phoenix Passionfire