Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lifestyle Changes

So a few months back I had decided it was time that I was going to make some changes in my life.  Some lifestyle changes.  Don't get the impression that I am unhappy with my husband or anything at home.  It isn't like that.  Like in the post before I have been very unhappy with myself.  I am unhappy that I haven't been as active as I want to be.  But with Nice weather finally gracing us with its presents in the midwest.  I am looking for to beginning to run with my pull dog again.  I think she misses it too.

Along with running with my dog; I am also going to start going to the gym on a regular basis. 3+ times a week I think.  For weights and light Cardio since I am going to be running with my dog too.  Weights are really important to me too since I am not that strong, for now.  I used to be, but then I got lazy and gained weight and lose some strength.  Work helps some what keeping me in shape.

The next item on my list of improvement is to be better organized.  I am a very disorganized person.  I usually mask it by calling it Organized Chaos.  Usually I can find things in my mess, okay so not really..  But I know I should try harder and pick up after myself more often.  I really need to go through my desk and reorganize it.  I think that would really help.  I mean, My husband was awesome enough to get me a new computer with a 27 inch monitor.  I can argue and I should really keep the area around it picked up.

I am also intending on spending more time with both my Daughters and my Husband.  I do have a pretty amazing family and I really should do more for them since they put up with me.  It doesnt help that my 7 year old Daughter has A.D.D. and is pretty high strung.  Like myself.  I want more time with her but I deny myself and busy myself with the internet, video games, and work.  I am not saying video games are bad.  I love video games!  Learning that she will be attending summer school and has well more then enough tardies makes me feel like a really bad parent.  Goddess help me.  But that is changing and I am going to MAKE more time for my girls and my husband.

Especially my Husband.  Since he started Swing Shift it feels like he is home more even though he is still working as much as he was before.  I didnt realize how short our time was together during the day till the other day when I was visiting a friend.  When I got home he was getting ready to go to bed.  At 8:30pm.  But he had to be up at 4am to be at work at 6.  And we have always talked on the phone, that is kinda how our relationship was built really.  So spending more quality time with him has become essential to my lifestyle changes.

Along with these changes there is others want to do to as well. Debts to pay.  Things I want to save up for.

    • Walk/Run with My Dog & Go to the Gym 3 times a week.
    • Spending time with my daughters each day.
    • Spend time with my Husband each day or as often as possible with work schedules.
    • Remind myself to create positive helpful energies and think of areas i want to improve in my life.  Remind myself how awesome I am and how awesome my friends, family, and life are as well.
    • Be More accepting of the bumps in the road and ride them out instead of fighting against them.
    • Take one day for two hours to take time for my studies in my Faith.
    • Post here once a week.  An overall review of things. From studies to kids to work and everything else.

I think this looks like a pretty good list to start with.  I may change and add to it as I go long.  These are just daily/weekly goals and ideas.  I will get into more long term goals at a later time.


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